New effective natural shoe refreshener with triple effect against smelly shoes

Anti-odor pads for shoes of all kind. ALL in One: Shoe Freshener, Deodorizer, ODOR NEUTRALIZER and MOISTURE ABSORBER – without CHEMISTRY!

New effective natural shoe refreshener with triple effect against smelly shoes

DUFFIES shoe refreshener & anti-odor pads

Who does not know this situation: You have done sports, given everything and of course, properly sweated. But as soon as you remove your sweaty sports shoes, there is an unpleasant smell in the air.

The problem is not new, just like the number of home remedies for stinking shoes. As of now, there is a new plug and play product on the market: an anti-odor cushion – especially for shoes, which is simply put into the shoes after the sport. It works on a natural basis without chemical biocides, without silver ions and without aerosols.

The problem solver for smelly shoes (which has been developed in Germany & Sweden) is called DUFFIES.

Duffies is a so called All-In-One product which combines 3 different effects at the same time:



3. Shoe Freshener & DEODORIZER.

But why do sports shoes smell after the sport?

The sweat glands produce sweat. In sports, we sweat to regulate body temperature, especially our feet. On the feet are a lot of sweat glands, about 360 pieces per square centimeter. Sweaty shoes and moisture create a perfect environment for bacteria. The bacteria metabolise the – originally not smelling – sweat into a smell that really smells bad for us.

This is precisely where the anti-odor emission of the DUFFIES comes in, because they absorb moisture from the bacteria by absorbing moisture. In addition, bad odors are actively absorbed and a fresh scent is spread. This results in a healthy shoe climate.

The Mangostan Gold Ltd. & Co. KG is a German company with themes of wellness, lifestyle and quality of life. Mangostan-Gold Ltd. & Co. KG is the official DUFFIES distributor for Germany.

DUFFIES anti-odor pads are a combined product which consists of biodegradable ingredients and contains no silver ions, no aerosols and are without chemical bactericides. The combined ingredients comply with the EU REACH regulation and are free from hazardous chemicals.

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