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New effective natural shoe refreshener with triple effect against smelly shoes

Anti-odor pads for shoes of all kind. ALL in One: Shoe Freshener, Deodorizer, ODOR NEUTRALIZER and MOISTURE ABSORBER – without CHEMISTRY! DUFFIES shoe refreshener & anti-odor pads Who does not know this situation: You have done sports, given everything and of course, properly sweated. But as soon as you remove your sweaty sports shoes, there … Weiterlesen »


No smelly trekking & hiking shoes anymore

Anti-odor pads for shoes, boots, outdoor and sports equipment DUFFIES anti-odor pads and shoe refreshener Nothing is worse than stinking hiking or trekking shoes and damp-stuffed & muffling outdoor equipment such as backpacks, bags & sports equipment that – after heavy use – give a bad smell. What can you do there? What works permanently … Weiterlesen »