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Resurface ceramic brake discs? Yes, you can!

Benefits of repairing ceramic brake discs using the Rebrake process Reprocessing procedure for ceramic brakes. Even extremely durable and tenacious carbon ceramic brakes will wear out at some point. Even if manufacturers state a lifetime of up to 300,000 kilometres, the brakes can give up much earlier. What to do? Original replacement brakes from Porsche, … Weiterlesen »


Restored ceramic brake discs are often better than new ones

More expensive and with more bite than any other brakes: Ceramic brakes have many advantages: REBRAKE: For Porsche, AMG Mercedes and Audi. whether you own a sports car or a top range fast car – if you”ve ever enjoyed a ceramic brake system, you”ll never want to go without it. Ceramic brake discs are always … Weiterlesen »