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How long does a renewed ceramic brake disc last?

The service life of carbon ceramic brake discs is enormous, renewed discs should last over 100,000km The service life is comparable to a new one. Motorsport fans, environmental politicians and activists and even ordinary motorists actually agree on this point: carbon ceramic brake discs are the future. Particulate matter is the subject of city centres. … Weiterlesen »


Which types of ceramic brake discs are there?

High-performance and environmentally friendly: REBRAKE renewal service for ceramic brake discs of all manufacturers and diameters A worldwide unique process with rebrake. The company FOXX Automotive Components from Weßling near Munich has established a worldwide unique process with REBRAKE, a powerful and reliable process for the renewal of ceramic brake discs. Brake discs of all … Weiterlesen »


Restored ceramic brake discs are often better than new ones

More expensive and with more bite than any other brakes: Ceramic brakes have many advantages: REBRAKE: For Porsche, AMG Mercedes and Audi. whether you own a sports car or a top range fast car – if you“ve ever enjoyed a ceramic brake system, you“ll never want to go without it. Ceramic brake discs are always … Weiterlesen »