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Simply restore particularly heavily used ceramic brake discs

The main component silicon carbide gives the ceramic brake discs their extreme hardness

Simply restore particularly heavily used ceramic brake discs

Ceramic brakes are very stable.

The main component of the ceramic brake disc is the chemical compound silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carbon. Silicon carbide makes the brake disc particularly hard and resistant. It gives the discs their special properties. The carbon fibres give the material extra strength and reinforcement, as well as the necessary fracture toughness. Ceramic brakes are also characterised by a low weight, extreme hardness and stability. And even under maximum stress. It“s no wonder that ceramic brake discs were first used in racing cars and then spread to series production sports cars and top-range limousines. Ceramic brake discs are very long-lasting and can last up to 300,000km, depending on usage.

Carbon-ceramic brake discs have many advantages

A car“s brake system is its most important safety system. They are always adapted to the model, specific to the car. Particularly if the brakes are subjected to high thermal loads, the higher fading stability of ceramic brakes makes them superior. Normal brake systems that use grey cast iron brake discs lose braking power under high loads. Further advantages of ceramic brakes:

– better steering behaviour,

– better brake responsiveness,

– much better resistance to corrosion.

Finally it“s possible to refurbish ceramic brake discs

According to usage and age, the friction layer of a brake disc can become prematurely worn. Before the REBRAKE restoration service from FOXX Automotive existed, worn brake discs had to be replaced with new ones. It was expensive, costing at least 5000 Euros per brake disc. Thanks to the REBRAKE service, the refurbishment costs only a fraction of that. Using a highly complex and proven procedure, the worn surface of the ceramic brake discs, irrespective of the brand or diameter, is milled off after an initial inspection. The newly applied extremely hard surface provides properties that match or surpass those of new brake discs. After the final grinding, the brake disc is weighed again and all the individual process steps are comprehensibly documented so that every step can be traced. For further information about the REBRAKE restoration service:

Rebrake is the specialists in refurbishing ceramic brakes. The company can used and worn ceramic brakes discs can be refurbished. REBRAKE gives refurbished brake discs the best properties.

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